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Do-It-Yourself Compound Miter

Discover how our easy-to-use proven products give you professional results. Save hundreds -- even thousands of $$$$ by learning to install crown molding or trim. For example, a crown molding job for an entire house will cost you approximately $1.75 per square foot. A 3,000 square foot house will probably cost you around $5300 plus the cost of the crown molding to hire someone to have it done. Do it yourself in your spare time and just pay for the material.

Perfectly Cut Crown Molding Each & Every Time!

Install Crown Molding Like A PRO!  2nd Edition

(Includes 24,000+ Miter/Compound
Miter Saw Settings)

Are you trying to install crown molding and trim? As you may have already discovered, it is no easy task -- especially for the novice do-it-yourselfer! Our crown molding tools and information will save you all the headaches and frustration of turning your expensive crown into firewood. We have developed an Easy 3-Step Method that will make each and every cut perfect. Our easy-to-use Crown Molding & Trim Book and our Charts/Tables, Miter Program and True AngleĀ® Tools are guaranteed to give you professional results.


chair rail

Do you have a cathedral/vaulted ceiling? No problem.

Master any compound miter angle.
Easy 3-Step Method:

  1. Measure the Corner Angle with the True AngleĀ® Tool.
  2. Get the Miter & Blade Tilt Angles from the Compound Miter Products.
  3. Set your saw. Make the perfect cut each and every time.

Easy, Simple, Guaranteed.


If you can hammer a nail, you can install crown molding or trim.


Check out our customer Testimonials page to see how easy and simple our products are to use and how they can save you from insanity while trying to install crown molding.

Our Decorative Projects page shows you examples of some window and door cornices, fireplace
mantels, crown molding shelves, birdhouses and flowerpots that you will be able to build.




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