How to Install and Build Door and Window Cornices

Want to really accent your house with beautifully designed and built custom made cornices? You can and for about 1/10 the cost of having them built to your specifications.

Chapter 10 of our book has complete step-by-step information needed to build your own window cornice to your specifications. Save $$$$$, build your own.

Ready-made cornices that you order will cost you about $5 per inch of length. The 40" cornice below would cost about $200. Build it yourself for about $20.

The 80" cornice is above a double sliding door. You could expect to pay around $400 for a custom made cornice. You can do-it-yourself for about $40.

Wood grain finish cornices are priced even higher.

Our new book contains complete details on how to build any size you want. We have also included several different methods of mounting the cornice (see Chapter 10).