Customer Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for all your help accomplishing my compound miter ceiling job. All went well once you confirmed my baseboard was installed incorrectly. I appreciate the time you took to email me the different slope measurements for my ceiling along with our phone conversation for more of my questions.

Without you, I could not have finished this project. I thank you for how you communicate with your patrons. There are not too many authors who will give their phone number and email address to help someone in need.

Everyone coming into my home exclaims how beautiful the molding looks and they want to know if I hired it out. I tell them about your book and tools and how user friendly you and your products are. I am a true advocate of yours.

Elaine M.

Port Charlotte, FL

I needed to install crown molding (hardwood cherry) around my kitchen cabinets at the ceiling. I have spent hours reading tons of articles (from Google) and watched innumerable videos, each one as confusing as the next, until I hit your site. In just 10 minutes, I cut the perfect angled molding for a 130 degree inside corner. Your illustrations of the process are perfect. I must have made 10 cuts and wasted a lot of molding trying to get it right and was about to give up. You illustrations taught me all I needed to know. Thank you VERY much. Anyway, I now know what to do in any situation.
Sieg D.

West Pennant, Nova Scotia

I guess it was a short question that could only be answered with a long (complete) answer. I went to Lowes last night and picked up a copy of your book. I have done vaulted ceilings before, always in the wall planes. Several times I remember encountering an obstruction and played around with the spring angle, trial and error, but didn't realize that it could be easily calculated, just played 'til I got something that looked OK. I put up some today and did it by the book, looks great, and the main thing is it's repeatable! Perfect cut each and every time. Easy & Simple! Thanks for your assistance,

Mobile, Alabama

This is Karen, Jim’s wife. He is done and I will forward your email to him at work. He has lots of pictures for you and I think it looks awesome! I had to write because I want to send a huge thank you for everything you have done to help Jim on this project. You went above and beyond what was expected. You seem like an extraordinary person with an unbelievable dedication to a wonderful product, and I just felt it was worth mentioning. IF YOU EVER want a recommendation by letter, email or on your site, please do not hesitate to let us know. You are very special! THANK YOU again,
I am in the process of building my wife and I a retirement home and am at the trim stage. I was trying to install crown molding and going crazy until I purchased your book, what a life saver! It is worth every penny I spent and much more! You should be very proud of the product you have produced, I think it's going to save a lot of marriages and frayed nerves! The book is simple to read, understand and is very well illustrated. Thanks so much for a great book, I know I'm sure glad you wrote it!
I cannot thank you enough for you webpage explaining how to put up crown molding. The four pictures you have, of the inside and outside corners, then the pictures of how to put the molding up against the fence with the notation of which piece would correspond to the piece on the wall and ceiling are worth more than a thousand words. Except for forgetting that I had the molding upside down a couple of times, I did my bedroom in just a couple of hours. This after wasting a 10' foot piece before trying to figure out how in the heck to put it up there and hold it and measure and cut and all that goes with it. I swear I can't thank you enough.
I would like to thank you very very very much for the assistance you've provided me recently. Now that I finally finished the project with the assistance of my wife, I thought I would send you a few pictures to see what you think of it. Your assistance was priceless and that made the project very easy for me. I had promoted your book before and will continue to do so, especially with the type of support you provide. Once again, thanks for all your help.
Phil M.

Miami, Florida

Yay! It worked. Your products and advice have done what half of the master carpenters in Tampa said couldn't be done (putting crown molding on a house with vaulted ceilings). Thanks again!
Rebecca G.

Land O Lakes, Florida

I just have to contact you and thank you for taking the time to write and put together your book, Crown Molding & Trim. For us amateurs, it is priceless.
I ordered 400 feet of chair rail and crown molding. I love the look it provides to a home. I employed my son to "help" me with this project. We were not afraid of doing the chair rail but were very intimidated by the crown molding. Having had a nightmarish experience with crown molding several years ago, we were very leery of the task at hand.
I just happened to see your book in Home Depot one day and purchased it. I took it home and studied it like I would for an exam. I then ordered the temp plates and 4 Angle tools. I did EVERYTHING you suggested and was then able to instruct my son, bless him. I also made copies of the Chair Rail Table and the Crown Molding Table and had them posted above the saw and on the walls where we were measuring each time.
Because of your wonderful instructions, we had no problems what so ever. We hung the chair rail quickly and properly with very little filling. Before we started the crown molding, we took a deep breath and took each measurement slowly and methodically and cut. We set the saw each and every time to the degree. We then went to the location to see "how good we were!" Each time we put a piece up, and it would fit quite good in the corners, we would laugh and have a sip of beer!
We ended up with two large Zip-Lock freezer bags full of left over cuttings! Because of you, we wasted not!
Thank you again for your wonderful book. It was so easy to understand and it turned a "fearful" job into a fun experience. I am telling everyone about you and your book.
Sandy R.

Battle Ground, Washington

Thanks you very much for your fast response. I also want to let you know that I love your book and tools for crown molding. I have my own business and often get request for crown molding. I was never a big fan of it because of the angles and everything, but once I bought a true angle and the book to go with it I could not believe how easy it made it for me. I actually just did a house with bull nose corners and when we had our first talk we were going to just bring everything to a point. Once I got the book I decided to round them and just followed your instructions and could not believe how great they turned out. You have an awesome product and I love it. My next buy this week will be the 18" true angle tool. Once all there neighbors saw, they now all want it done.
Mike N.
Your customer service was above and beyond what I anticipated. You took the time both by phone and email to educate and explain things to me in a manner that was extremely helpful. Moreover, you always offered more assistance if needed. What a great deal it was purchasing your book. Thanks for your assistance and professionalism!
Brian B.
I can't thank you enough for your follow up and continual assistance. I know your company is probably one of the only companies that truly offer assistance and customer care like you have shown, I will certainly recommend your products and company to everyone in the trades, friends and family thanks again for your help and best wishes and a prosperous future....
Brian Ortiz
I just wanted to add that I really enjoyed your book. Very much. It is organized so logically, so simply, and in plain English. It is presented in a way that I could progress thru it, enjoy the reading, and really get some tremendous ideas. Lots of tips and ideas that really do work! Wonderful illustrations too. Some ideas that I have sort of discovered "by accident" or happenstance over the years....and forgotten along the way. But here, they are organized and expressed in such a user-friendly way.
I especially value the charts...these charts make things so much easier. And the True Angle tools are much better than advertised! So much less trial and error with my layouts, measurements and final cuts. I want to buy the entire set of protractor tools, and I will do that.
It is clear to me that you put a lot of thought and effort into your presentation....looks like it was a Labor of Love. There is nothing else like it, anywhere. Thank you so much, and I hope your venture is successful.
I recently ordered one of your kits to do the crown moulding in my 120+ year-old farmhouse. I was a bit intimidated by the amount of detail you go into in the book, but once I got started, I was grateful for it. I also thought the plastic templates would be a waste of time, but I soon found them indispensable. They kept me from cutting the wrong end of the board several times.
I am about halfway through the moulding in the house and have already done a very complicated stairway, two rooms with picture rails and ceiling and wall trim. I could never have done it without your book, templates, True Angle tools and Excel program. Thank you!
Barry D.

Eugene, OR

want to thank you for your help in answering questions I had about a crown molding project at my daughter’s home. Your explanations were very clear and helped me tremendously in dealing with various angles in one room. Your book is very helpful. By the time we finished the project we were cutting molding like a pro. Thanks again
Ken S.

Waco, Texas

a very hands on friend of mind one day notice i was doing crown .. i had study the book, made notes and reread, studied to the core and my cuts were great , dewalt slide 12' with a red blade . he mentioned his wife had wanted crown in the front bathroom to finish his duties . (wife happy, he is saved ) he had bought a mikta 8 in. with construction blade. too bad. so i offered to do his bathroom for him .sat. morning loaded up all my stuff and to his house i went and finished in the short weekend with a nice looking bathroom. it was during and after he started to tell how many long chunks of crown were thrown away and frustration set in and he had given up trying to figure out the cuts. the best part was all the fun gadgets he had bought over the years to do the job, profiles for coping and angles etc. he was /his a happy camper now and still has not returned my book with all my notes
Mark F.

Arcadia, California

Over the years I've read many testimonials supporting both products and services. This is probably the first time I will offer mine. Crown Molding and Trim, coupled with the "True Angles" I purchased from you actually made cutting and installing crown molding fun. Yesterday, I had a door installed in my theater room and the installer, noting the great looking crown molding, asked if I did it. I proudly told him yes and showed him the method I used (True Angle, conversion table, compound miter saw). He said the job was better than many who had been in the business for years. I can't imagine an easier way to perfectly cut crown. Mmmm . . . looks like the office could use some crown !!!
Robert C.

Bowie, Maryland

Wow your email reply was great!!! Thanks again! I wondered why some (ok, most) of my corners were not working out so well - I broke the rule cutting with the crown face up for some cuts and then face down for others. Couldn’t figure out why, when I matched the corners my joints would be "out in space" and downhill, in other words did not fit….. Ok, so the next house I cut all of my crown molding laying flat and face up – it worked!! Had one corner 91 degrees… one cut.. and it fit!!! Man that made my day. Needless to say I am re-reading your book. Also, on the Bosch 12" sliding compound miter saw that I am going to buy, it does have the laser as you recommended. I will also purchase a set of crown stops for my saw. Thank you for all your help and support in answering my questions!!!
Laurie M.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thank you sooooo much. It is certainly great to do business with you, and I appreciate you shipping the two items together. I had purchased the book for my husband who is tackling his first crown molding job this weekend. He absolutely loves the book and hasn't put it done since I gave it to him. Thanks for offering such great products.
Kelly and Dave B.

Norwalk, Ohio.

Just a little note--thanks for the book and tools--they are awesome--always was afraid of doing crown molding as most people are--they think it is too difficult--but with your tools it simplifies it for sure--I bought the 23 inch rule a couple of years ago, but need the smaller one as I am doing my daughter's house now as she is remodeling--after my first try at this doing my TV room everyone is amazed that I did it myself--thanks to you--again thanks for your amazing design and information
Edward S.

British Columbia, Canada

I did what you said and the cuts were great. I just want to thank you for your great customer service. I will recommend you to my friends. I might need to email you again when I get to one other cut in the near future. I will snap a picture and include the measurements.
Randy S.

Naples, Florida

As a shop teacher in high school some 20 yrs ago, it was difficult finding "good" books on any given technical subject. I am happy to see that has now changed. How refreshing it was to find your book on Crown Molding. Your examples and illustration are terrific. You have a step-by-step approach to the procedure in order to produce perfect joints. I thank you for all the efforts you have put into the book, and your quick response to my e-mail questions.
Bob W. Lynden


Thanks much for the great book, download & true angle tool. I'm building a built in gas fireplace / TV armoire type cabinet, & because it is next to stairs entering the bedroom I had one funky angled section to make look continuous, hence the reason I bought the book and true angle tool. When it came to do the crown under the mantle, I had an 86 degree angle & was getting frustrated doing the crown my normal way (wasting a lot of crown trying to cope the perfect fit). With the use of your book and tool, 1 hour later the Crown was installed and nail holes filled. The book and tools will have a very protected spot in my shop. Thanks!!!
Rob P.

Denver, Colorado

Having spent countless hours attempting to 'cope' mitre corners for my house which has walls angled from 90-140 degrees, and nearing a nervous breakdown, I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to find your book and your excel program to help me calculate the proper way to do this with a compound mitre saw. I spent 20+ hours working on two rooms without your book and program using a coping saw. With your book and program, I was able to do a room with 6 complex angles in less than 3 hours!!! (and it came out perfect!). Doing crown is now fun again! Can't wait to do the rest of the house! Thank you!
Brad P.

Pensacola, Florida.

I want to thank you for publishing such a great piece of information on how to cut and install molding. I purchased the first book two years ago and was amazed how well it worked. It makes cutting crown molding and trim so easy and accurate. The recent purchase is for a friend. Thank you.
Bob R.

Westminster, CA.

I was off and making some good firewood. My husband kept telling me it was a different application for our front porch eave trim than what you have in your book. I will go by the example you referred to in your book on page 47. I wanted to tell you we have used your book and done our home inside and lots of it outside. My brother is a lawyer who does little handiwork. He just bought a new home in California close to 2 million dollars and called to borrow our electric saw (his words!) because he wanted to do some crown in his house. I told him to wait until I could help, but he didn't think it looked that hard. Ha Ha! Well, I showed up with the Dewalt compound mitre, your book and the true angle, large and small. The first cut showed him he could not have done it alone. We had a wall with many angles inside and outside corners. The next week, he had bought his own book and true angle tools. He is prouder of those 2 rooms than he is of the entire house. I told him he will find out quick who his friends are that have ever tried to install crown. You really put a lot into your book. I will let you know how my porch comes out. Thanks so much for all of your help.
Vickie F.


WOW!!! I wish I had this system when I started this job!! I am glad I have it to finish the job! I had spent hours upon hours trying to get the right joints & have failed miserably. But with your system, I have just cut & installed a perfect cathedral ceiling joint….I MEAN PERFECT!!! On a different note, I wanted to thank you guys for the super fast shipping. I was looking forward to tomorrow afternoon for the complete package, but was surprised & thrilled (amongst other feelings of joy) to see the mail man bring it to my door step 1 day early & in the morning! Thanks for the great customer service & an excellent system…YOU GUYS ROCK!!
Vareck W.

Katy, Texas.

I received your book and the True Angle tools. You immediately solved my dilemmas. I have 7 1/4 inch crown molding that is a non standard spring angle. With you book, the True Angle tools and Miter Excel program, I solved the compound miter angle settings in seconds. I am now excited to begin my crown molding installation. Thanks again for a great product.
Doyle S.

Orange Park, Florida

I have thoroughly loved your book and cannot get enough of installing crown molding. This is my third home installing crown and personally have enjoyed all the challenges and hurdles these projects give me. The aid of your book has been fantastic, all hurdles have been overcome with your assistance.
Todd P.

Antioch, Tennessee

You are the best!!!... "Approx time to reply...... 1 hour. :-)" ... That should be called "Upstanding Customer Service" :-)). Seriously... Man... Your product/service and support is out of this planet... I have to bow to you.
Miguel T.

Miami, Florida

I finished my first crown molding job on the 27th of November. It turned out great. The neighbor who volunteered to let me practice this crown project in her home was completely overwhelmed and satisfied with the finished outcome. Thanks to you and all of your help and patience with me, I'm ready to take on another project. However, just to let you know I'm keeping your e-mail address in a real safe spot in case I encounter any future problems. My neighbor was so pleased with the molding job that she hosted a party last night of wine, cheese, crackers, chips, dips, and other goodies and invited several of the neighbors to the big event. They all seemed to be impressed with the results. Even though there were times of frustration during the project, you were only an e-mail away to offer your expert help and advice. I want to thank you for all of your help and guidance along the way with my first project.
Gary S.

Seattle, Washington.

Just a quick story on why I bought your book in the first place. I have installed all types of molding in the past with a fair amount of success, but since I don't do it for a living, each project always requires some ramp-up time before I can remember exactly what I did the last time. So, I was in Lowe's just checking out a crown molding reference book, and a woman, who appeared to be in her early 60's, handed me your book and said that after reading your book and ordering the True Angle tools, she installed crown molding in her entire house without any problems and it was the first crown molding project she ever tackled. I bought your book on the spot. Thanks!
James M.

Belle Mead, New Jersey.

I think it's great that you've put a website called out there for the rest of us. As a DIY person who enjoys a good challenge, but gets frustrated when there appears to be some "secret" that only contractors know, I was glad to find your book and tools. I just couldn't get my compound miter saw to make the right cuts and I could see there was more to it than I first thought. I tried coping, which was difficult, took almost an hour for the first corner and I did not like the look. Some of my friends have resorted to the cheater blocks for the corners, but to me that takes away from the look and a sense of pride in workmanship, so I say "why can't I do it and do it right?" Learning another skill that I can put to good use and that will add elegance and taste to the design seems like the right way to me. Plus my wife counts on me for the hard stuff, and I love to make her happy. Thanks for offering your book and tools.
Dave D.

York, Pennsylvania

Thank you for the time and energy you spent putting this book together!!! I had the contractor that built my kitchen quote me to do the trim work for floor and crown. $9,000.00 including materials. I bet you can imagine what I thought when he said that. I found your book at the Home Depot and did my house top to bottom, it was a little challenging at first but well worth the effort and the savings, it looks great. The guy that built and installed my kitchen saw the work and got all upset that I gave the job to another contractor. LOL :-). I knew then that I did it like a pro. Thanks man.
Jeff B.

Los Gatos, California

Thanks so much. You really do have an EXCELLENT book!!! I have a house with lots of vaulted ceilings and bay window combinations and I had simply resigned myself to the fact that we would not have crown moulding in this house. I couldn't even get professionals to do the work. With your book and true angle tools, I have just completed the last of the rooms and they all look really great. If you can do it yourself, the moulding adds an affordable touch of elegance that far exceeds its cost. I recommend your book to everyone I can.
Burt J.

League City, Texas

I purchased your book, true angle tools and miter excel program several months ago. Just wanted to tell you that after many years as a finish carpenter I found the book, tools and miter excel program to be excellent. Together they have saved me many headaches, especially when doing cathedral ceilings, what a pain they are. Thanks for a great product.
Chester G.

Lakewood, New Jersey.

I felt I was a fairly proficient carpenter having built an addition to my own house and had previously installed crown molding and trim without much difficulty on several occasions. I was totally at a loss though trying to figure out how to install the crown molding in the new home we were building that would have vaulted ceilings with multiple 135/225 degree walls running at a diagonal to the ceiling slope etc. My room of greatest concern had 15 corners and a 10.6 degree ceiling slope. I tried several sources including home improvement stores and the library with no luck. Even the internet wasn't much help until I found you. I bought your book over a year ago so I could be ready to go when we got in the house. I just finished my crown molding and it looks great. Many thanks to you for your book. Without the instruction, charts, and tables there is no way I could have ever completed this project (without spending a fortune in time and money making trial and error cuts). I have also come to the conclusion that there aren't many people in the trade that are really good at vaulted ceilings.
Mickey S.

Jupiter, Florida.

I am just finishing up my crown molding project, 235 feet of it, and LOTS of corners. It is coming out so well my wife now wants it installed on the upstairs level also. You created a MONSTER!!!! I have never done this before and it was not difficult thanks to your excellent instruction book (great photos) and true angle tools. My compliments, well done. Thank you for all of your assistance and making a dreaded project MUCH easier.
Sam S.

Crestview, Florida.

I purchased an 18 inch True Angle tool and crown moulding book. I feel they are a great value and in my case became invaluable installing the moulding in our dining room in our 80 year old home. This was a total do-it-yourself project from start to finish. The room was stripped to the studs. The room has a 9 foot ceiling that I framed to become a tray ceiling. The book and true angle tool made cutting the crown moulding precise and resulted in flawless miters cuts. I also used it in the bay area where I had to replace some damaged baseboard to accurately measure the angles of the walls. This was truly a case of having the right tool for the job and I have to emphasize again the cost was amazingly inexpensive when you think about the cost of tools. Thank you!
Frank R.

Syracuse, New York.

Syracuse, New York.
Gary L.

Oakdale, Minnesota

I have been trying to figure out how to cut my crown moulding for over a week with no success not to mention the crown I have wasted and $$ trying to figure it out. Every time I asked someone how to do it they all had different suggestions. I tried them all with no success. I ran across your web site one night looking for answers. I ordered your Crown Moulding & Trim Install It Like A PRO book along with the true angle tools. After receiving the package and looking over the book, I cut and installed my crown moulding within an hour. My wife says she would like more crown moulding in the house. Now that I have your book and the true angle tools, I am looking forward to it. Thanks Wayne for a great product.
Curtis M.

Exeter, California

I purchased your book and tools a couple of weeks ago. This past weekend I tackled the crown molding project in my family room that I had been putting off for the last year or more. It contained a set of unusual angles over an entrance doorway that I had previously had no idea how to approach. I had asked for guidance at a couple of the large home improvement stores. Once I diagrammed and explained what I was up against nobody could offer any good advice on how to measure and cut those angles. My room is approximately 14' x 24' and I had it completed in one afternoon. The joints all came out great, including the ones over the entrance that had scared me so much! I only wish that I had found your website sooner. Thanks for making me look good.
Ted P.

Clifton Park, NY

I purchased your book and 18"True Angle® tool while visiting my brother in North Carolina. I consider myself a good woodworker. In the past year I decided to learn "trim carpentry" So I bought the book that I thought looked the best (on moulding) and it was your book! You have written a book that is in a word or two is the best. You cover all angles (little pun) . When I bought mine they only stocked the 18" True Angle® tool. Since the time I purchased your book I have amassed a nice collection of books on trim carpentry and yours is honestly the best. Thanks for writing an outstanding book ! You really have helped elevate the art. Doing woodworking in a shop building square cabinets is nothing like what is out in the "real world" Thanks again!
Anthony D.
After I purchased 2 other books on crown molding with very little help to my project, I found your book along with the true angle tools. I had never installed crown molding before. I had taken on a 3 room project, 4 1/2" stained oak 45deg. (NO CAULKING). Thanks to your detailed book & tools, the project was a complete success. Thank You.
Norm R.

Henderson, Nevada

I received the order today. The book and tools are excellent. Also, I was doing a job using 5" crown molding and was working with pre-finished cherry molding which is very non-forgiving. The miter and blade tilt angles provided a perfect joint!! The customer went nuts and said how the heck did you do that!! It appears my investment was worth it already. This will improve my business. Thank You.
Stephen S.

Wall, New Jersey

By chance I started doing Crown moulding about four months ago because of a relative who does remodels/handyman work. Luckily, he gave me your book right from the start and I didn't have to go through the "bang your head against the wall" method I've read so much about on the internet while doing searches about crown moulding. I found your explanations very clear and I feel I've become pretty good at caulk and paint crown. Thanks again for your book.
Steve H.

Elk Grove, California

I received the Crown Molding & Trim book. Three words to say, Great, Great, Great. You have every reason to be proud. Thanks in the name of all woodworkers. You made my job much much easier. Thank you again.
Andras K.

Quebec, Canada.

I wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how pleased I am with the purchase of the book and True Angle tools. Before I bought them I had all the stuff I needed (except the Dewalt nail gun I got yesterday) for the project except the knowledge of how to actually cut/install it. Your book explained everything in easy to understand details that makes it so even a kid could do it. I especially liked the method of making the set of templates to help adjust the saw.
Dirk P.

Jasper, Alabama.

Your book is definitely the best book I have ever read as far as step-by-step crown molding installation is concerned. I have two other books of similar topic but none of them come close to your book. I have already made a few compound miter cuts that I could not do before. I am very happy and thankful that this book was out there and I am looking forward to receiving my True Angle Tool.
Mikias G.

Glencoe, Missouri.

I wanted to let you know I received the items I ordered last week and I've had great success with them. Using your method and tools has really upgraded the quality of my work. I've installed plenty of crown molding in the past, but the change in my work's quality when approaching it from your directions made an incredible difference. Here's to the end of amateur looking work! Thank you for the great service and the great products!
John R.

Baltimore, Maryland.

I am SO thrilled with your book that I can't stop singing its praises to everyone I see. I am a single woman, in late 50's, but I have always done my own home renovations. I have searched for a book like yours for the last 3 years. It is the BEST!!! I can hardly wait to start putting the moldings in place on my present home. Thank you for selling your book, for dealing honestly, for communicating, and for shipping quickly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Linda D.

Greenville, South Carolina

You folks saved my weekend from being a disaster, to a weekend that completed a major honey-do. We are hanging crown molding in a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling. It would have taken more time than I have, to figure out the angles and how to make the transition from the horizontal wall to the vaulted ceiling. Your instructions and software made it a breeze. I can't thank you folks enough for not only getting the product delivered overnight, but you had it delivered on Saturday!! Thank you for your quick response to my order.
David S.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Thanks for your help! Bottom line, your book and the True Angle tools should be sold at every home improvement store, hardware store, and bookstore in America. Not only is yours the only book that explains everything clearly regarding trim / molding installation, but your point to businesses about the book and True Angle tools helping to sell other crown molding related products is right on ... I'm going to be buying more molding, a compound miter saw, paint, and other products that I would have never considered buying had I not gained the confidence that I could tackle this project from your book.
As the MasterCard commercial says ... Crown molding, $100. Paint, $25. Saw, $150. Caulk, tape, nails, etc., $25. Seeing my friend, a professional contractor, look at me incredulously and say "you installed crown yourself in a room with cathedral ceilings?" ........ Priceless!

Austin, Texas

This is a GREAT book. This isn't just the best book on how to install crown molding, it is the ONLY book that shows you how to install molding on inside corners, outside corners (easily) and on vaulted ceilings. I've taken a two-semester class at Palomar College in San Marcos California on Architectural Millwork. I wish I had known about this book then. I've looked all over for a reference book that would tell you how to do it. This is the only one that does. If you want to know how to install crown molding, get this book. If you want to know how to miter the corners and not rely on coping, you NEED this book. Yours is the only book that shows how to install crown molding by using the compound miter saw instead of just coping everything. If you want to know how to do vaulted ceiling, this is the ONLY book I've found that tells you how. Highly recommended. Great job.
Marty C.

Carlsbad, California

Hi!....I just want to say I'm so glad that I purchased your book and tools. It helped me a lot on my first job of cutting crown molding for my remodeled bathroom. Before I purchased your book, I kept making the wrong angle cuts and couldn't figure out why - my molding kept getting shorter and shorter with each wrong cut. Now I know which way to place the molding for cutting angles. By the way, my molding installation is better than what the general contractor did in our kitchen. My angle cuts meet better than his and he's the professional. Maybe I should give him a copy of your book and tools! Thanks so much for writing this book.
Barbara W.

Novato, California

I have installed crown molding several times over the last few years. I could never understand the compound function so I always used my saw as a straight miter saw with the "upside down and backwards" technique. I had mixed success but since it was always painted, I could cover my gaps and minor errors with caulk and paint. I bought your book at the local woodworking show in February. The pictures, protractor, and charts couldn't have made the process any clearer. I realize now that many of my gaps had come from not holding the molding at a consistent angle in the saw. Now using the compound function, I can now lay the molding flat on the table and let the angles do the work, eliminating a major potential source of error. I just finished a 13' office cabinet project at my house with eight 90 degree angles and half having short returns. Using your system, I was able to cut them all right the first time. The biggest point though is these cabinets were stained! I couldn't (didn't need to) cover my errors with caulk and paint!
Stu C.

Manvel, Texas

Okay, I read the book from cover to cover.....comprehended everything....and accomplished two 10'X12' angled, octagon shaped, coffered ceilings with outside bullnose corners. It took about two hours to complete each ceiling, but the final result was perfect. I do not mean acceptable, I mean PERFECT. I used the complete kit package, including the angle tools, and the Excel program. Your system is a life saver for the layman (or someone who is a little apprehensive about taking on a job like this). It was so easy, it even made it FUN. I may even do my garage with crown molding. Now that I have completed the project and I am overly satisfied and ecstatic with the end results, I would never hire a professional and pay the premium labor costs to do something that I know would not be as good or a better job. The job that I did could not be improved upon. I cannot believe how accurate and precise the joints came out. They were PERFECT. The need to caulk the joints is out of the question and unnecessary. I did use wood glue to glue the joints together for cheap insurance. This was the first time that I have attempted a job of this magnitude and I am convinced that my work is better than if I hired a professional. I think that the Excel program was the key.
Ken C.

Orlando, Florida.

I just had to email you and say thanks. Thanks for providing your service to the internet. Thanks for your book. I purchased your crown molding package from the website. I installed my first crown molding this weekend and although I confess I need to practice more your instructions were so helpful and thorough. You are right. This package you have is everything a person needs to learn how to install crown molding. Thanks again. P.S. Your shipping was fast and the email responses were very cordial.
Bill T.

Jackson, Tennessee.

I just wanted to take a minute to write to you and thank you for publishing such a wonderful book. I purchased your it cover to cover....and then proceeded to do a very professional job on the crown moulding that I installed in my dining room. I never would have dreamed that I would "square up the saw" before beginning my cuts...but I even managed to do that as well. You are absolutely right Wayne....with all of the right tools, crown moulding really can be easy. Our friends can hardly believe that I was able to put up crown moulding that professional looking in our dining room!!!! I also purchased some of your True Angle® measuring tools....and those really made a difference as well. I learned to never assume that each corner is a perfect 90 degree angle...because often times they are NOT. These tools allowed me to factor in 89, 91 and even 92 degree corners. It is a real shame that your book is only available in certain Home Depots across the country....this book should be on the shelf of EVERY Home Depot, Lowe's and mom and pop hardware stores across the country. Thanks again for taking the time to publish such a wonderful book.
Toby L.

Annapolis, Maryland.

Unwilling to sell my house but anxious to give it a new look I decided to renovate it and make it look like a palace worthy of a princess. I had always wanted crown molding in my house, but did want to pay the expense of professional installation. Last Christmas I treated myself with a nice compound miter saw, a miter saw table and a handful of books on crown molding. I also bought my first piece of molding to start practicing. I was warned by friends and coworkers that my 20 years of experience in accounting were not going to help me with this project. But I was determined; after all I was a free woman and didn't have to account to anyone for my failures. After reading many books and practicing the infamous "coping" I was in tears. It looked like my dog had done it. My pride was at stake. I could sense the mixed looks of compassion and laughter of my friends and, especially that of my ex.
Most books only devoted a couple of pages to crown molding making it look as simple as baking Christmas cookies. Deep in my heart I knew somewhere someone held the key to do this project in a humane, rational, and logical way. Coping had to be the way the Stone Age man did his cave trimming.
Searching the internet was when I came across Wayne Drake's website. After reading excerpts from his book I new his book was the answer to my prayers. I bought it along with his angle measurement tools. I recommend also buying the templates. I didn't and ended up wasting a lot of time and trim. I have done all of my four rooms upstairs with only the help of my 12 year old son. I am waiting to save some money to do the first floor where I am planning to install fancier molding. I have to confess that I am not any good with hammer and nails. (Now that I think of it, it is another Stone Age tool and procedure) I purchased a Paslode cordless nailer and it was a cinch to do the job.
Another neat thing that I have not seen before is that the author of this book is only one email away. He is always ready to help you with any question or problem you may encounter. Needless to say I have become the hottest girl on the block. Good luck with your project. A humane way to do Crown Molding
Cecilia R.

Alexandria, Virginia

Fantastic ! I read your simple to understand book "Crown Molding and Trim" and used the "True Angle" tools to install wonderful crown molding throughout my house. I can't tell you how many people I asked for advice about crown molding installation before I found your website. Once I read your book, I understood crown molding completely. Your book explained everything. I am very busy and don't have time to waste. Your book and tools made my installation easy and saved me hundreds of dollars. My friends now ask me for advice...because they really didn't know the best way to install crown molding. I can't wait to buy a new house....Crown molding makes such a difference.
James C.

Waterbury, Connecticut.

I just had to write and let you know that your instruction book plus your True Angle® tools turned what appeared to be an extremely complicated and intimidating crown molding project into a project that a novice, like myself, could do on my own with relative ease. I purchased your book earlier this year and only recently got around to installing crown molding throughout my house this past week. I have never done any type of carpentry work and let me say I was quite nervous to start this project. My line of work is behind a desk on a computer and not working with power tools other than around the house fix-it stuff. In 3 days I installed almost 400 ft of crown that looks like it was professionally installed. I can't begin to tell you how helpful I found your book and True Angle® tools to be. My wife is so impressed that she is now trying to think of other projects that require some sort of molding or trim. With the guidance you provided in your book and on your website, I am extremely proud of a project that I can say I installed on my own.
Todd S.
Just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for such a great book!!! I have installed crown moulding in four rooms so far, and it came out absolutely beautiful!!! Everyone that sees it doesn't believe I did it! They swear I had a pro come in to do it! .....I have never felt such pride and accomplishment as I do looking at that crown moulding that I did, and I owe it all to you and your terrific program. I LOVE doing it so much, I am thinking of doing it as a side business! Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!!!!

New Jersey

I've read many books on finish carpentry and particularly installation of crown/trim molding that claim to be for "do-it-yourselfers". Your book far surpasses anything I've seen. As an engineer myself, I can appreciate the level of detail that you provide for installing crown/trim molding. Many books promise "easy techniques" for installing molding, but the instructions are usually vague and the illustrations confusing. Not so with your book. Your instructions and illustrations are crystal clear. I've put off for years installing crown molding in our house because I was simply intimidated by it. With your book, I now have the tools/techniques and the confidence I need to do a professional job. Thanks for a wonderful product.
Chris K.
I received the book today and it looks great. The chapter describing how to square-up the miter saw is a much needed item since most people, not me of course ;-), don’t know how or why to do that. This is the first book or document that I have seen that truly gives the novice a strong starting point and a great reference tool to becoming successful the very first time, including the little touches to finish off the project. It makes no assumptions about skill level or abilities which is a plus!
Mike S.

Sawdust Creations

Thanks much for the great download & true angle tool. I'm building a built in gas fireplace / TV armor type cabinet, & because it is next to stairs entering the bedroom I had one funky angled section to make look contiguous, hence the reason I bought the true angle tool. When it came to do the crown under the mantle, I had an 86 degree angle & was getting frustrated doing the crown my normal way (wasting a lot of wood trying for the perfect fit) when I remembered the Crown Molding Table. I downloaded your instructions, and 1 hour later the Crown was installed and nail holes filled. The Crown Molding Table & instructions will have a very protected spot in my shop.
We recently received the True Angle Tool and its counterpart the Crown Molding Chart approximately one week from the day the payment was sent U.S. Mail. The proof that installing crown moulding as do-it-yourselfers is actually possible, was acknowledged upon inspection of the merchandise. We printed the directions from your web page, figured the measurements and angles, and consulted the chart. It clearly stated the proper degrees at which the compound miter saw should be set. We then created some test samples for the non-right angles and on the first try the outcome was everything that you had promised. Moving along, we continued with the project and everyone, including myself, is completely amazed on how well the corners and angles are practically seamless! Fill free to; use this letter as a reference, paste this letter on your web page, and/or send any skeptics still pondering in indecision my way. Thanks for the prompt service and quality tools!
The Kimura Family


A couple of months ago I installed 5 1/4 inch crown in my large family room, living room and master bedroom all in 3 days! Thanks to your SIMPLE instructions and information, I'm sure I saved thousands of dollars in carpenters costs and gained the respect and admiration of my husband and male chauvinist friends! All my husband had to do was hold up the ends of the moldings while I nailed them into place. The look of amazement on his face when all the corners matched was priceless! If I can do it, anyone can! Thanks to your great website and photos, I was able to beautifully upgrade my home for the price of the materials alone. If I can do it, anyone can. Thank You!!!
Thank you for ALL your help while we were remodeling our home! I must say my husband did a SUPER job of installing the crown molding after talking to you on the phone and receiving the packet of information in the mail. We are so proud to have family and friends over to visit and admire the room.
Patty Watkins-Root

Keepsakes By Patty

Thanks a million! You have saved me a lot of $$$ with your great products and directions for installing crown molding. Of all the guides and directions I've tried, yours are the only one that have worked.
Dwayne T.
The project turned from worry some and difficult to pleasurable with the aid of your tools and compound miter information. I never took Trig and have always computed these things with point to point and trial and error (also known as firewood creation strategies). This job moved well outside of the scope of such tedious methods. I was ready to go to the library and crack a shop math book for a day and your program (and your quick response) completely improved the entire situation. And for only a couple of bucks! Many thanks again.
I now have installed crown molding in a couple of areas and it sure was nice to make every cut a good one. Early in the year I tried to figure out how to cut crown molding, but after going through about 15 board feet and still no hope of getting it right, I said the heck with this and got on the internet and ran across your site. After evaluating your site and others, I purchased the set of True angle tools and the charts and Excel program. The tools are great and the Excel program makes this almost too easy.
Kelly D.
I just wanted to take the time to say that you saved my life! Not really, but I don't know what I would have done without your tools and compound miter information that I purchased from your web site. This was my first attempt, and I had heard some nightmare stories from both family members, and by reading on the internet about the problems with installing crown molding. I was very lucky to find your website, purchased the downloads, and followed your instructions and I did an excellent job on my first try! My father-in-law accused me of hiring a professional! I think I will attempt the bird house or a flower pot next. You have opened up a whole new world for me, and just before I have my 40th birthday! Thank you again for sharing your ideas. It was the best $20 I have ever spent! Please feel free to use me as a reference if you need to.
Jerry B
I found your instructions through Ask Jeeves. You just saved me from insanity. Compound Mitre cuts are so against physics and not to mention, probably have been the major cause of divorce. Thanks again,
Thank you for a drop dead easy program and your lightning fast service to my particular needs. Your program ran perfectly as soon as I clicked on it. Good luck with your web site and your services in the future.
I just finished a round birdhouse with domed roof, and your program was a great help. (A little sanding rounded off the 20 joints in the body and on the roof.)
Your method is where I was headed. What seems confusing is the other instructions I've looked at, have you cutting opposite 45 degree angles then cutting out contour of crown. I just could not get it to come out right at all. Never mind the fact that I looked at too much info and they all said it so many different ways. Thank you again. I'll keep checking your web site for other helpful hints.
I just wanted to thank you for the information on Excel for cutting compound angles. This is an excellent reference for woodworkers. I bought some crown moulding for my dining room ceiling and thought I could figure out how to make it match by trial and error. This cost me $20 because I ruined 2 pieces of moulding. I went to Home Depot to see if they could answer the question--no luck but they did give me the idea to go to the internet and search. Again--many thanks!
I have used your program and have achieved outstanding results. Thanks.
Boy am I happy to have found your web site! I am very much of a novice at cutting crown molding but feel pretty comfortable with basic cuts. I sure do appreciate you assistance! You are soooooooooo wonderful!! Thank you so very much for your kindness in sharing your information! Good things to you always! Thanks
Ann Marie
I got nervous about the project this weekend and chickened out - still was trying to imagine what it was going to look like - but now you have solved that problem!! It is so amazing and heart warming to know that you are a complete stranger and are willing to help another complete stranger out! I promise to share this information with others! I will let you know how it turns out! - With your picture s I feel much more confident! Thanks so much!!!!
Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it.
Received the program and it works great. This is exactly the product I was looking for.
I wanted to thank you again for your miter cut assistance! It worked perfectly. Your Email is posted right next to my miter saw! Thanks for your help!