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Crown Molding Table Download

The extra Crown Molding Tables have been formatted in Adobe Reader (PDF) format and can be downloaded and used to augment the Compound Miter Chart found in Chapter 5.   This will provide Crown Slope Angles that are not common or when working with Cathedral/Vaulted Ceilings.

Note: You must measure the spring angle of the crown molding you are installing and then use the exact measured spring angle to determine the correct crown slope angle.

These extra tables are for you own personal use.  Please do not distribute or provide this download page to anyone. 

Thank you.

Sincerely yours
Wayne Drake

Click below to open. Then save to your computer.
Right Click and "Save Target As"

>> Crown Molding Tables .pdf <<


chair rail

Did you know?
The word molding is spelled with a " u " in some parts of the world? Moulding is the British spelling. Due to the global nature of the Internet we use both spellings throughout the site as we aim to help everyone, everywhere!

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