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Digital Miter Saw Gauge

Out of stock

Increase the accuracy of your miter saw from ±1° to ±0.1°. DigiMit can help you improve the miter saw accuracy to ±0.1° to make accurate cuts. Cannot find and exact angle? Don't worry! DigiMit is the perfect tool to help you find the exact angle you need. DigiMit gives you the total confidence, so you will not mess-up your project. (click to enlarge photos)


Zero the DigiMit using the included precision 2" steel square and place on miter saw. DigiMit fits saw slots sizes between 5/16" and 7/8" wide. You can now set any angle to within ±0.1°



  • Measure range : ± 50°
  • Accuracy: ±0.1°
  • Reading: 0.05°
  • Battery: 3.0V CR 2023, one installed, one spare, 1 year lifetime.
  • Works on all 10" and 12" miter saws with slot size between 5/16" to 7/8" wide.
  • Automatic shut-off in 2.5 minutes
  • One Year Warranty


  • Square the DigiMit before installing on your saw. To set the square of the DigiMit, turn on and place the 2" precision square (provided) between the Main Blade and the Miter Blade very tightly. With a perfect 90°, set the DigiMit to zero by pressing the "Zero" button. You may now turn the DigiMit on and off and it will still hold 90° square.  Recheck the square of your DigiMit before each days use or when replacing battery.
  • Place the DigiMit on your saw with the Main Blade firmly against the saw fence making sure the Slot Adjusters are in the saw blade slot.
  • Turn the Slot Adjusters to the right (CW) as much as possible while pushing the Miter Blade towards the saw fence. This will center the DigiMit Miter Blade with the slot in your saw table. Then, turn the Locking Nuts to the right (CW) until tightly locked in place. Make sure the Main Blade is tight next to the saw fence. (If your DigiMit does not read 000.0° then your miter saw is out of square. Refer to Chapter 2 and your saw manual to set the square of your saw.)  
  • To find the exact miter angle you need, put one hand at the end of the DigiMit Miter Blade (the end towards you), and apply a little force to assure the DigiMit Miter Blade is against the saw fence. Then use the other hand to turn the miter saw until you read the miter angle you need and tighten your miter saw. Remove the DigiMit from your saw and your ready to make the perfect cut with ±0.1° accuracy.

 Precision Tools for Professional Work
Accurate reading! Easy to use!


(See note below before ordering.)

DigiMit - Digital Miter Gauge


Out of Stock 

Note: The slot in your saw table that your blade goes thru must be between 5/16" and 7/8" wide, otherwise the Digital Miter Gauge will not fit your saw.

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